Sell Payroll Practice

Are you looking to sell your Payroll Practice? If so, WizzAccounting is always looking to acquire payroll companies.

If you are looking to exit the payroll industry and sell your clients we can help.

We have great experience with acquisitions and your clients will be in safe hands.

We can help you make the move as we are always looking to buy payroll companies. Selling your business is fast and easy with us.

Your customers will receive an excellent service from us.

When we buy an payroll business we work closely with you to make sure that customers continue receiving an excellent level of service.

Are You Looking to Sell Your Payroll Business?

There are many business owners that are looking for a way out of the payroll industry because of retirement or change in professional direction.

WizzAccounting’s Acquisition Program provides owners of Payroll Practice a fast and easy option for selling their clients.

Tony Messer

co-founder of WizzAccounting

If you are looking to sell your Payroll Practice contact me directly.

My name is Tony Messer.
I am the co-founder of WizzAccounting and you can contact me directly If you are looking to sell your payroll business.

When we acquire a payroll practice we work very closely with you to make sure that the service continues as normal for your clients.

We have an extensive experience in acquisitions and will work closely with you to make sure the takeover is done smoothly.

We aim to move quickly once we have come to an agreement.

For payroll Business
Acquisitions contact us via


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Contact Tony Messer for more information about selling your payroll practice.