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Hiring an accountant to help you with your financial woes should not put you out of pocket. When compared to typical high street accountants, we at Wizz Accounting feel that we can offer a more affordable and reliable accounting service.

Why? Because our service is personalised to fit around you, rather than fitting around us. We dedicate ourselves to our clients, ensuring that each individual (whether they own a business or need assistance with their own personal finances) is given the best service possible.

Online accountants for small businesses

We don’t expect you to travel to find cheap accountants. No, all you need to do to benefit from our excellent gold star service is get in touch online.

Coming across a true online company with trustworthy, cheap accountants may sound too good to be true – but we can quickly and easily prove ourselves by directing our potential clients towards our reviews page, where there are a number of 5-star reviews from happy and repeat clients that use our services.

We are among the UK’s fastest growing cheap accountants. We offer affordable annual accounts preparation, which is an ideal service for small businesses and freelancers who are concerned about meeting their tax deadlines.

We understand the worry that our clients experience during the run-up to the yearly January deadline, so we ensure that they are prepared to submit their self-assessment tax returns and have all of the correct information for HMRC.

For the sole traders out therethat are new to business, or the experienced business owners who don’t have the time to sort out their taxes, Wizz Accounting have the best cheap accountants for you.

Cheap accountants and our prices

At this point, we are positive that you’re wondering how we measure up to other so-called “cheap accountants”. We are as transparent as possible with our prices, which allows you to make an informed decision.

Unfortunately, it wouldn’t be feasible to include every price package on our website, but we can beat the prices of many of our competitors that are working in the same field.

The average price in the UK for an online accountant that commits to accounting for sole traders is around £25 to £30 per month (plus VAT). Anyone can find this information from a quick look on a decent search engine.

We believe that companies who claim they are cheap accountants should be upfront with their pricing, which is why we don’t hide our costs from our clients. If you call for a quote, we will give you a quote that we stand by.

But we don’t want you to find us and be off-put because there isn’t enough information. We are firm in the belief that potential clients deserve to know, at least, the approximate pricing for an online accountant’s service.

As such, you will be pleased to know that our package for sole traders starts from just £21.95; far below the average cost of many of our competitors, as well as the average for online accountants.

For this amount, our sole trader clients achieve a dedicated online accountant, full annual accounts that they can use to keep better control of their business, free accounting software, business advice, tax advice, access to their accountant viaemail, and so much more.

Not enough? Remember those pesky annual self-assessment tax returns we mentioned earlier? Our reliably cheap accountants will complete and submit those forms for you. The yearly panic of tax returns will become a thing of the past for you and your small business.

And if you need more services to cover your trading, such as the completion of corporate tax returns and the addition of access to a wonderous mobile app for your invoices, we have a secondary package for sole traders.

The second package starts from £43.95 a month. Our Limited Co. package is, like our basic Sole Traderpackage, priced at an extremely competitive rate. You will also gain further access to your personal business accountant, who will be available through Skype, as well as their email, phone, and our company’s live chat system.

With these packages and the services that we offer, we are proud to be cheap accountants. Though it is said that nothing good in life is free, it can certainly be made inexpensive.

The middle ground

We find that many potential clients struggle to choose the right price package for their business. To find a cheap accountant online is like going into a candy store. There are so many companies that have cheap accountant services that it can feel overwhelming.

Therefore, we decided to offer a third package as a mid-way point for our clients. This third package lies between the prices of our basic and more advanced packages but is still completely ideal for sole traders that just want to find a cheap accountant.

Our Partnership package offers accounting for sole traders from £36.95 a month. Like the basic Sole Traders package, you will get your full annual accounts, VAT returns, and business advice from your dedicated cheap accountant.

But that isn’t where it ends, because this package is supposed to be perfect for business partners. As such, you will also get automatic reminders for any tax-related or accountant-related deadlines, payroll documents for your company’s accounts, as well as the completion of your Partnership tax returns.

And we’ll submit them for you, too.

We take the stress out of business accounting. Our cheap accountants are fully trained, fully qualified, and our company is VAT registered.

We can assist sole traders, freelancers, contractors, and business partners. Though we’re primarily here to support small businesses, especially during difficult times, we are more than happy – and willing – to support any business who comes through our virtual doors and asks for advice.

Why choose us

If you’re still not convinced that we’re the right online accountants for you, or that your search for a cheap accountant won’t end the moment that you stumble across our website, let us continue and tell you why you should choose Wizz Accounting over our competitors:

We help the big companies as well as freelancers that run their businesses online. Everyone from an LLP to a sole trader is welcome on our books, and they will experience the same level of excellent service that we provide to all of our accountancy clients.

Our website has a section for a quick and free quote. This will save you time, rather than making you run around calling ten different companies and being put on hold. We reply quickly, with the best quote possible, and will only ask you to call us if we need more information before we can make an informed decision on your request.

Many of our clients ask us how we keep our prices so low, and we’re happy to answer that right here and right now for all of our website visitors:

The reasons that we can offer your business a cheap accountant with all of our amazing services attached is because we work online. By providing our service online, we become more cost-effective, which allows us to transfer those savings to you and your business.

Our accountants are all real people. We may still use computers, but there’s no bot or automated service figuring out your accounts for you. Each of our online accountants uses cloud-based accounting software that is in-line with the requirements from HMRC and their Making Tax Digital movement.

We manage your finances so that you don’t need to stress about them. It’s that simple to our cheap accountants.

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